Client Success

Feeling very grateful for Tiffany for having the strength and courage to share your journey. To me it has been life changing. My entire life, I have followed the recommended diet of low fat, and high exercise life style. In the past few years I have gained a lot weight. I’m 55 at 200lbs. Wanting my life back, last spring I started a low-fat clean food eating and working out. I was always hungry, sore, and exhausted. I did lose 15 pounds, but it was very hard. I have followed Tiffany for years, and kept seeing her new posts about keto. Originally I thought oh no. My brain was so conditioned to the low fat diet, it was hard reconditioning it. Then researched keto and thought why not try it? I love cheese lol. The hardest part was questioning is this okay? Well, I am now 170lbs! I no longer questions clean keto! It works, it’s easy, I feel amazing! I had been going through menopause as well. The hot flashes and night sweats were awful. I thought how long does this menopause last, because I can’t do this. Well they are Gone! Unbelievable! That alone is nuts to me, this lifestyle is amazing! I do not feel deprived in anyway. I want to share this kept secret with everyone! It’s not a gimmick. So again, I thank you! I hope to encourage others as you have. We don’t need to suffer to get what we want and need.
-Kathleen M 12/7/2022


I needed to break my stall. I have been following Tiffany for 3 years, and for the past year have been absorbing all the info and using the products to assist me. I recently hit a plateau and amd busy with the 21 day plan. It's amazing for a boost! Or to get you going with amazing guidance and daily logs to keep track. Thank you T xxx
-Cheryl S 12/5/2022
This plan has everything I need for my busy schedule. I love that the food is simple and relatable nothing fancy.
-Jennifer S 11/30/2022